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West Jersey Concessions And Agreements

“We have made concessions ourselves, as friends here and there (we do not ask for it), will agree after sending a copy to James Wasse; We put a foundation for eternity, to understand their freedom as human beings and Christians, so that they may not be served, but by their own consent; For we put power in the people, that is, they come together, and we elect an honest man for all decency who has signed the concessions; All these men to meet as an assembly, to legislate and repeal, to elect a governor or commissioner, and twelve assistants to carry out the laws during their pleasure; thus every human being is able to choose or to be chosen. No man who could not be arrested, convicted, imprisoned or harassed in his succession or freedom, except by twelve men of the neighborhood; not a person who is in prison because of debts, but that his estate is satisfied as much as possible and becomes free to work; no person who is interrogated or harassed because of his or her conscience or because of worship according to his or her conscience; with many other things mentioned in the concessions mentioned. VII. Issue arrest warrants and transfers of land under seal in accordance with our concessions and regulations by the Council of the General Assembly in a form set out in our instructions to the Governor of its Commission, which are expressly expressed below. II. Enact and promulgate all laws, laws and constitutions necessary for the Well Government of the said province and repeal them: provided that they are in conformity with reason and as close as possible to the laws and customs of the Kingdom of Her Majesty England: provided also that they do not run counter to our interests, the Lords Owners, Our heirs or assignees, nor any of our concessions, in particular that they do not postpone the above article for freedom of conscience: which laws thus promulgated are published by the Governor and the Council (but as the laws of us and our General Assembly) and are in force for the period of one year and are no longer in force, unless they are contradicted by the Lords Owners, within this period they must be presented to us, our heirs. for our ratification; and are confirmed by us, they will be in force continuously until they are promulgated and confirmed by their own limitation or by an act of cancellation in the manner (as set out above). In the same province, ten years earlier, the “concessions” of Carteret and Berkeley required each settler to provide himself with a good musket, powder and bullets; but now the friends came to their red brethren, armed only with the lamentations of war, integrity, benevolence, and the truth of the Christian; they met them without fear or mistrust; Trusting in this universal principle of light and life that haunts all minds and, if it does not resist it, would bind the whole human family in a harmonious fraternity. It was the first English ship to enter the western part of New Jersey, and none followed for nearly two years. Meanwhile, Edward Byllinge, who was ashamed of his situation, wanted to transfer his interests in the region to his creditors, as this was the only way to satisfy their claims. . VI.

In the event of the death or any other dismissal of one of the representatives within the year, convene by deed the respective division or divisions for which he has been selected, ordering the free owners of these to elect other persons in their place. This agreement gave Carteret the populated part of the province on Passaic and Raritan and Penn and his friends the undistaked part of Delaware, which then belonged largely to the Indians. . I.. .