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Solar Homes Program Agreement Between Landlord And Tenant

Stream A offers a discount of up to $US 1,850 on leased property, with the lessor paying the remaining fees for the solar electricity system once a lessor-tenant contract is signed for solar homes. The connection to energy services is generally the responsibility of the tenant and the accounts will be in the name of the tenant. Information about the programme can be found on the Solar Victoria website here. There are sections for landlords and tenants with an example letter that people can send to their landlords to try to convince them to install solar. I think it`s a bit long, so I`ve added my own version in this article for people to use. The total amount of money available in advance is $US 3,700. That`s enough to buy a small solar installation with decent hardware from a proud installer. But I recommend putting more money into getting a bigger photovoltaic installation. Solar power on rented buildings is becoming more and more common and people prefer to rent a place with 6.6 kilowatts of solar panels rather than just 3 kilowatts. The larger system could save more electricity for tenants over $15 a week. If this allows a landlord to charge an additional $10 per week of rental, the larger system can only take about 4 years to pay for. The estimated average payback period of the solar installation fee after the discount for participating owners is expected to be approximately 9 years. For example, if you`re a homeowner and you look at a $5,000 system with the discount, the anticipated fee is $3,150 $US.

After signing a lease between tenants and landlords, they can benefit from a discount of up to 1,850 $US. In addition, tenants and landowners can also apply for an interest-free loan of up to $US 1,850. Tenants and landlords can decide how to repay the loan without interest. Since a solar installation can save tenants money even if they make the maximum contribution to the credit, many tenants will want to encourage their landlords to participate in this program. To help them, Solar Victoria has attached an example letter to use. But I found it a bit eloquent, so I wrote mine for people to use. There will be two streams for the Rental Properties program. Stream A will be open from July 1 and Strem B will be open later in 2020. Repayments of the $1,850 zero-interest loan amount to $38.54 $US per month over four years.

The program allows tenants to contribute up to 50% of these payments. As a solar installation saves me money if you install a system that has at least 4 kilowatts of solar panels, I will be happy to contribute the maximum amount allowed, which is $19.27 per month…