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Service Level Agreement Response Time Definition

However, while using business hours can improve your coverage, customers are still waiting for a response all weekend (or night). They may not care if you don`t have agents. They just know they don`t get help. If you choose to only communicate about SLAs during business hours, it`s still important to consider the customer experience for customers who live in different time zones or try to contact you outside of business hours. As with reaction times, care must be taken to ensure that solution times are calculated only on the basis of agreed working times. It is also advisable to specify that a solution period only starts from the moment a call is correctly recorded according to an agreed method. SLAs are an integral part of an IT provider contract. An SLA gathers information on all contractual services and their expected reliability in a single document. They clearly state metrics, responsibilities, and expectations, so that no party can invoke ignorance in case of problems with the service. It ensures that both parties have the same understanding of the requirements. To help you break the gibberish and understand what Geeks are saying before you commit to a service level agreement (SLA), we`re going to take a look at two terms you`ll find in such a contract: “reaction time” and “resolution time.” “response time obligation” means four (4) hours or less during business hours for the first response period (the time between customer forwarding a request to Duuoo Support and Duuoo Support`s first response to customer); However, if you have set out your SLAs in your terms of use or in a legal contract, there are serious repercussions on the infringements.

The goals of your customer support team should not be to achieve the bare minimum of service. In this case, you want to set your goals with much more ambition than simply avoiding SLA violations. The best method is to place your customer control team`s response and solution goals well below your SLAs, so you can work consistently to exceed customer expectations. SLAs are promises you make to your customers. If you`re a small business that doesn`t offer legally binding contracts or SLAs, your SLAs may resemble the internal goals set by your customer service team for response and resolution times. Define carefully. A vendor can optimize SLA definitions to ensure they are met….