Légcsavar készítés UL-re Fonyódon

Sale Agreement Expires

1) The clauses you mentioned in the purchase agreement and the schedule therein work accordingly. 4. You cannot sign the deed of sale and not register it. An unreged sales document is waste paper. Buyers today are street smart. They require the seller to provide original ownership documents before the deed of sale is executed. The most common reason is “My bank needs original documents to process home loan”. I propose to my clients not to have an original document before the execution of the deed of sale. This is a resounding “no”. Some mortgage providers require original documents for the processing of mortgages. I do not understand the reason and the underlying logic. You should clearly discuss the same before accepting Token Money. Personally, I have observed that another major mistake is to require a real estate valuation corresponding to projects under construction in the region.

The price of projects under construction is always excessive. The resale property is sold with a slight reduction compared to the project under construction. Secondly, if you are selling a property under construction, you cannot ask for the price indicated by the client.