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Supported Decision-Making Agreement Pdf

This means that adult-supported decision-making is over. Even if an adult is able to make decisions, there may be times when they need someone to help make non-financial decisions. This is called sustained decision-making. The adult can at any time terminate the support he receives from someone by filling out this form: a support can be designated at the same time by a personal directive or will. The adult keeps the original signed form for his recordings. The adult and each of their supporters must complete and sign this form: the adult can authorize up to 3 supporters, but his public guardian cannot be one of them. Each supporter keeps a copy of the signed form so they can show it to the adult`s service providers. If an adult needs help making personal and non-financial decisions, they can authorize someone to help. You can empower someone to access your personal data and help you make a decision. Support is often required when the adult is present: Supported Decision Authorization (PDF, 97 KB) Completed forms are not properly opened on some mobile devices and web browsers. To complete and store this form: Support helps communicate the adult`s questions, concerns and decisions by talking to their service providers, which could include: If the adult still needs help but is not able, then one of the following points occurs: