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Service Level Agreement Kpn

Lansink also notes that sensitive thinking across the full width of one`s own organisation must be on the agenda. “It starts with distribution, after which services have to take over. The entire chain must understand the customer`s business. We need to make sure that XLA is found throughout the organization. 12 Appendix 1: Infrastructure Service Level Below are the service levels of the various infrastructures. The specified availability does not include maintenance windows. 1. Service Level Connections XBned xdsl BBned xdsl connections are provided on the basis of the following ALS: Transmission: Transmission indicates the amount of bandwidth reserved in the network. The bandwidth guarantee is displayed as a percentage of the connection speed. Transfer bandwidth guarantee 1:1 / 1:4 / 1:10 / 1:20 / 1:25 100% / 25% / 10% / 5% / 4% Availability: In case of failure of the BBNed DSL service, a choice can be made from BBNed`s service levels. Network SLA BBned Economy SLA BBned Eco-Silver SLA BBned Eco-Gold SLA BBned Bronze SLA BBNed Silver SLA BBned Gold SLA Service Window: Office Hours Office Time Average Availability: 1] 2] Best Goal – 95% Best Goal 99.6% Recovery Service: 2] 80% < 2 99% < 4 80% < 1 working day 99% < 2 80% < 8 hours 24 hours Best Effort Target 9 9.8% office time 95% 90% 90% < 2 99% < 4 99% < 1 working day office time 99.6% 90% < 1 working day 99 % < 2 24 hours 99.9% 90% < 4 hours 99% < 24h Type Line Soho Business Line Business Line 1]: average availability on an annual basis 2]: Only for LINE network outages; without internal wiring and local KPN loop, KPN Local Loop repair: 90% < 8 hours, 95% < 24 hours, 100% < 48 hours. Service Level KPN Bitstream xdsl Connections KPN Bitstream xdsl connections are provided on the basis of the following ALS: Page 12 out of 15 CloudQuadrants, a collaboration between weolcans cloud experts and Arthur`s lawyers, recently researched 12 international and national cloud providers that offer services in the Netherlands, the quality of slAs.

KPN and its entire subsidiary, IS Group, were heavily involved in the investigation. SLAs appear to be clear and transparent on issues such as availability, support and accessibility. The central question of the research was: to what extent are agreements good and clear in the young sector of cloud service providers? The investigation was conducted on two tracks. For example, the study placed alS from the 12 suppliers across the European Commission. It has set rules for cloud SLAs. Under these guidelines, a strong ALS must in any event include clear agreements on the security, data management, performance and protection of personal data. The study also critically examined documentary maturity. How clear and clear is ALS? After reading, does the customer know exactly where he is and what he can expect from the services? 10 Availability means in this case that a location can be reached by the Vodafone ES Service Desk via the main connection or backup. For connecting the sites to the backup, with regard to ALS on the terminal, The following ALS applies to end-to-end connectivity: Standard Recovery Time Terminal Equipment Available on an annual service basis Window Office or Store Hours Annual Availability for Window service 24 hours business day following 99.7% 99.8% 99.8%8 hours 99.75% 99.85% 4 hours 99.8% 99.9% of redundant devices: a redundant connection is connected by default to the same terminal, to which the main connection is connected.

If both connections each use their own devices, annual availability is 99.9% based on a 24-hour ALS.