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Board Resolution For Development Agreement

DETERMINED THAT Mr. [A][] [name and appointment of agent] of the company, are and are entitled to sign and execute with a competent party, person or authority, to the extent necessary, all these contracts/agreements/any other document on behalf of the company, with respect to the conduct of the company`s activities, as may be necessary or necessary on behalf of the company, and any modifications that are agreed upon, and to do whatever is necessary and that these contracts and/or agreements are binding on the company. RESOLVED THAT Consent of the Board of Directors of the Company be and is granted to conclude and execute with a party, a competent person or authority, as required, all these contracts and agreements of any kind, including, but not limited, to employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, sales contracts, investment contracts, share subscription contracts, etc., or agreements that may be necessary or necessary to carry out the company`s activities; Draft decision of the ResolveD Board of Directors that the company enters into a joint enterprise agreement (“agreement”) in accordance with the draft that was decided before the meeting with the President and CEO of the company is the company`s director/secretary of the company and is subsequently entitled to perform or perform on several occasions any act, act or act related to the company. 2. Execute the required power of attorney in all matters related to or related to the contract or the exit of the contract. 3. Representation of the company in all matters related to or related to the agreement. RESOLVED that the common seal of the company may be affixed, whenever necessary, in the presence of Mr. -President and Ceo or Mr. Director/Company Secretary, who opposes it.

Can someone publish a board of directors for Indian Public Ltd.`s joint venture with Foreign Company (Its an International Joint Venture)? sound!!!.