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Agreement Between Us And Great Britain

Considering that there have been and still are differences between the United States government and the british Majesty`s government that resulted from the actions of the various ships that led to the general assertions generally known as “Alabama Claims”: the desire to permanently demarcate the border between the Philippine archipelago (the territory that the United States acquired in the United States under the treaties of December 10). November 1900 with Her Majesty the Queen Regent of Spain) and the State of North Borneo, under the protection of the United Kingdom. On the eighth day of may, a treaty was concluded and signed in Washington by the high commissioners and representatives of the respective governments to address all the causes of the difference between the two countries. The treaty is literally as follows: Her British Majesty has ordered her High Commissioners and Plenipotentiaries to declare that Her Majesty`s Government cannot approve the above rules as a statement of the principles of international law in force at the time of the application of the Article I claims; but Her Majesty`s Government agrees that, when deciding on the issues arising from these claims, arbitrators should consider that Her Majesty`s Government is committed to acting in accordance with the principles set out in these rules in order to express their desire to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries and to make satisfactory arrangements for the future. within the U.S. territory on the St. Lorenz, the Great Lakes and the rivers that connect the same thing, with another port or place within the U.S. territory, as stated above: provided that some of these transportations are connected by land and by the Dominion of Canada, according to the rules and regulations that can be agreed between the government of your British Majesty and the Government of the United States. This treaty and the separate peace agreements between Britain and the nations that supported the American cause – France, Spain and the Dutch Republic – are collectively called the peace of Paris.

[3] [4] Only Article 1 of the Treaty, which recognizes the existence of the United States as free, sovereign and independent states, remains in force. [5] From the intersection of the four-degree parallel 45 minutes north latitude and the meridian of the length of one hundred and twenty degrees (120 degrees) east of Greenwich, (as a point at the border signed by the Treaty between the United States of America and Spain in Paris, December 10, 1898), a line due south along the meridian of one hundred and twenty degrees (120 degrees) east of Greenwich , the parallel of four degrees three minutes (4-23) north latitude; The strong relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom reflects our shared democratic ideals and values, reinforced by cooperation on political, security and economic issues.