Légcsavar készítés UL-re Fonyódon

Loaner Rental Agreement

(1) Rental from the rental period to the return date of the rental car and the equipment or rental of the duration of the rental – corresponding surelage fees, depending on what is smaller after deducting the rent already paid. 2. Except for anything else, the business is explained as opposed to the tenant, if the tenant does not start concluding the lease within 1 hour of the start of the reserved lease, the reservation is considered cancelled. If the tenant wishes to change the tenancy conditions of section 1 of the previous article before the conclusion of rent-A-Car`s lease (“rental agreement”), the tenant must first obtain the company`s approval. Article 21 (renewal fee for extension of the rental period) 7. It Service Center will reset the factory settings and remove all loan devices upon return. It Service Center does not at any time assume responsibility for data stored on loan facilities. 2. The collection/removal of equipment is done personally during business hours ( only in the IT service centre. Devices left outside the office are considered abandoned and result in the loss of the privileges of the loan program of the affected customers. If the tenant extends the tenancy period after the agreement of the company in accordance with Article 12, Section 1, he pays a sum less than the amount (“renewal fee”) of the company at the time of the return of the rent-A-car. (6) In the past, no auto insurance has been applied for rents. The following text is the service center rental contract that the user signs on our iPad at the time of the loan.

The tenant also receives a copy of the contract signed to their e-mail, which appears in the system, at the time of their rental. The purpose of this article is to allow tenants to have another opportunity to refer to the agreement they have reached if they want to misplace the email and check the terms of their rent. (2) Information on leases such as vehicle class, use, duration of rental, etc. (5) If they are submitted to the National Rent-A-Car Association report on unpaid charges related to illegal parking or non-restitution of the car in accordance with Article 18, paragraph 7, or Article 24, paragraph 1, for previous rents (including rents by other rental operators). 6.The waved amount mentioned in sections 1 and 2 is on the tenant`s account. However, if the lessor is covered by the system of the guarantee of the waiver of the amount, the company bears the corrugated amount, with the exception of accidents for which no accident report is transmitted to the police and companies, insurance products or compensation are not paid, the accident falls under category 1 or 4 of Article 9, paragraph 1, or each point.